Honey - is unique product, which was created by Mother Nature and produce by our little friends Bees . Honey helps us to improve the health and prolongs the active life, cure a variety of diseases and just gives us the pleasure of a delicious product. Honey is not only nutritious, but also an important commodity in trade.

Ukrainian honey market is one of the most promising and emerging today. We, Ukrainians, like most of the Slavs, are very like honey and we eat it all year round. The average consumption of honey is about 1 kg per year for one person, which is one of the highest rates in the world. Since ancient times, Kievan Rus was famous for its honey and wax, which was delivered around the world. And today, continuing the glorious tradition of his ancestors, Ukraine consistently among the top five largest producers of honey in the world, with an average production of 50-70 thousand tons of honey a year.

The company " Ukrainian Honey Group" (UMG) is one of the leaders of the domestic honey market of Ukraine. Since 2004 we produce honey under the brand name "Pasіka" and have a reliable system of quality control of products. We have production facility for processing of honey, which is equipped with modern equipment for honey packaging.

The mission of "Ukrainian Honey Group" – is to promote the healthy life on earth by increasing the consumption of honey and other bee products. We invite you to join us in this nice work and to establish a joint mutually beneficial cooperation.